CrowdTamers is a full-service marketing resource for small startups. We provide them with strategy, copy, design, execution, and results. We are often the difference between success and failure for a fledgling startup, and we are motivated by the stories we can share and the new businsesses we nurture. Our focus is on helping early-stage startups grow from $0 to $2MM a year in revenue. We serve all kinds of startups, from B2B AI infrastructure to B2C nonmedical therapy hardware. There’s a common thread in what we do, though: we help great ideas find their path to market.

We are not your average agency. We're remote first, with team members in Bangalore, Nairobi, and Montreal. We're recruiting for a remote role anywhere in the world. , and have clients from 3 different continents. We don't bill by the hour, push unnecessary services, or hand off clients from team member to team member. CrowdTamers is developed around four-person crews that each manage a handful of clients, developing a bond with each other and our clients over years. Full time employees get benefits and profit sharing after they’ve been with us for a year, and we've already grown our MRR 300% this year alone.

If you’re motivated by helping small teams punch above their weight and deliver top-notch design while working with an experienced team, we’d love to hear from you.

Current Positions Open

Marketing Strategist

Closes In: about 3 hours

CrowdTamers is looking for a creative, analytical marketing strategist to decide on client strategy & lead a small team to execute on client deliverables. Our ideal candidate is a generalist marketer with 5+ years of experience building multi-channel campaigns in the startup world and is looking to take the successful strategies and tactics that we've developed launching a dozen startups from $0 to $2MM in ARR and apply them to clients around the world.

Full Time

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