CrowdTamers is a full-service marketing resource for startups and scaleups. Our mission is simple but audacious: help 1,000 startups reach $1MM in annual revenue by 2027.

We’re experts at “Go to market”, that crucial first year when a startup either succeeds or fails at finding its place in the world. We’re the resource that our clients depend on to help them refine their message, find an audience, and convince them to bet on something new.

We are not your average agency. We're remote first, with team members in Mumbai, Lagos, and Montreal. We're recruiting for a remote role anywhere in the world, because we have clients from 3 different continents. We don't bill by the hour, push unnecessary services, or hand off clients from team member to team member. CrowdTamers is developed around five-person crews that each manage a handful of clients, developing a bond with each other and our clients over years.

Full time employees get profit sharing after they’ve been with us for a year, and while we have company swag and virtual team get togethers, our culture is based around the values we live, not the foosball table we don't even have.

As an equal opportunity employer, we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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